• 1 What should I do if I find that my information has been registered in the pre-registration system?

    Please check whether they are your name and mobile phone number that you registered last year.

    Please call 021-20557000 if you couldn’t register online.

  • 2 What should I do if my mobile phone doesn’t receive the verification code?

    Normally, the verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. If not, please call 021-20557000.

  • 3 How could I make pre-registration if I have no computer at hand?

    Yes. You could follow our official WeChat account by searching “CeMAT” in your WeChat app and then you could make pre-registration in the menu.

  • 4 How do I get the exhibition badge after completed pre-registration?

    You need to keep the registration number shown in the pre-registration confirmation letter or short message sent to your mobile and pick up your badge at the service counter.

  • 5 Could I pre-register for my colleagues if they attend the exhibition with me together?

    Yes. You could make registration via our official pre-registration system and invite ten colleagues. Please note

    that people that your recommend shall never register in the system before.